About Me


So, lets start from the beginning. I’m Antonia Jade, a 22-year old from London who enjoys 80’s & 90’s music, monkeys, sky-gazing, glitter (lots of it) and chocolate (also lots of it).

AntoniaJade.com is like a pick ‘n’ mix bag of sweets. It’s an open diary of my own thoughts and feelings but it is also a journey of self-love and body confidence, a travel journal of this pretty world we live in and it’s a space to share my style and beauty bits and bobs.

I created this blog not only as my personal diary but as a space for anybody who needs it, as sometimes we just need somebody to be able to relate to. I’m hoping that this blog can create a little spark in at least one individuals life that inspires them to fight society’s norms, begin loving themselves for everything they are and start living their best life.

Lots of love, 

antonia jade x